Friday, May 21, 2010


The French Drain is in and working. We had a really good down pour thunder lightning the whole nine yards and the yard is not a soggy mess. Yeah score one for doing something that makes a difference.

My bedroom closet is completely out. In order to make it look less hideous with the open beams and what not I dyed a white cotton sheet orange and nailed it like a tapestry to the wall where the closet once stood.

I tore down one of the porches out back the one that was originally used just for storage. I left the base (floor) in tack so that I can use it as a work space. I am preparing to rip off the other porch, but am trying to figure out what to do with the dryer once the enclosure is gone.

I purchased a nail gun and have thus far used it to build a couple of saw horses. I was having a little trouble with it at first, the nails where going only about half way in, when I realized that I didn't have the air compressor turned up to the proper PSI setting. Once that was all settled, it was quite slick. In building the sawhorses I would like to thank my grandfather for teaching me how to properly pull nails out of a 2x4. I used all reclaimed wood from the porch and my closet to build them. They are not only useful for building, but they where great practice to get me in the swing of using power tools again.







































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Taking on this project is a new beginning for me and my twins. This isn’t the first time I have bought a house that is a true project. A little more than a decade ago I bought a house in Bozeman, MT. It was a project. Between trips to the library and the lumber yard I learned so much. I tore down walls, replaced plumbing, put in new electrical fixtures, and refinished 100 year old hardwood floors. I didn’t hire a single contractor and it turned out great. I sold it for a little profit two years later, granted if you where to look at the hours that I put in then I likely only made pennies per hour. This house is not only an opportunity for me to have a place of my own again, but also to teach my children the value of hard work and perseverance. I am so excited to learn new things and to get my hands dirty again.